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dataverifyr 0.1.8

  • fix broken URL Link to pointblank

dataverifyr 0.1.7

  • rename args fail_on_X to stop_on_X
  • adds stop_on_fail to [check_data()], so that the examples using read_custom() make sense (eg in the Readme); thanks FedericoComoglio for pointing it out!
  • fix bug when dplyr backend is used + add tests; thanks FedericoComoglio for reporting the bug!
  • expose [detect_backend()] to allow user the check which backend is used

dataverifyr 0.1.6

  • allow multiline rules in yaml file
  • fix bug where no fails in filter_fails would result in error
  • Fix bug where multiline rules would break
  • fix minor error in Readme
  • filter_fails() allows the first argument to be a ruleset and not only a result of check_data()

dataverifyr 0.1.2

  • fixed NOTEs for CRAN release

dataverifyr 0.1.0

  • first stable version
  • Added a file to track changes to the package.